GEARWRENCH 120XP™ Ratcheting Wrenches

  • 120XP universal spline
  • Ratcheting wrenches from GEARWRENCH 120 positions
  • Three degrees swing arc the ultimate and access
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Video Transcript
Video Transcript

120XP universal spline ratcheting wrenches

from GEARWRENCH the name you know to get it

done has redefined performance by delivering

the tightest ratcheting arc on the market an

incredible 120 position 3-degree swing 120XP

wrenches use double-stacked pawl technology to

alternately engage to pawls in the ratcheting

mechanism the result access to fasteners even

in the tightest spaces available in metric and

standard the GEARWRENCH 120XP series features

three styles combination, combination flex

head, and flex head gearbox all come with the

versatile 120XP universal spline ratcheting

drive no matter what fastener you come up

against six-point spline 12 point e-torx or

square the 120XP fits them all GEARWRENCH

120XP ratcheting wrenches take access to the

extreme extra long beams reach down deep and

increase leverage while narrow profiles and

smaller outer diameters allow these wrenches

to work where others won't combination flex

head and flex head gearbox wrenches angle at

the head for clearance over obstructions and

to assure proper alignment on hard-to-reach

fasteners combination and combination flex head

wrenches feature the GEARWRENCH dual direction

surface drive that grips tight and helps reduce

rounding flex head gearbox wrenches have a zero

degree offset static box end giving you extra

depth to access and break free recessed nuts

and bolts all GEARWRENCH 120XP wrenches exceed

ASME requirements are full polished chrome and

deep stamped with color filled size markings for

long-lasting quick identification professionals

will appreciate the grab and go efficiency of the

120XP wrench rack resistant to gas and solvents

the rack keeps your wrenches organized and stores

neatly in a tool drawer 120XP universal spline

ratcheting wrenches from GEARWRENCH 120 positions

three degrees swing arc the ultimate and access.