Torque Products Guide

Regardless of industry, when there is a requirement for the precise application of torque, GEARWRENCH has the right tool for the job. From structural steel framing to concrete anchor bolts to electrical clamps, GEARWRENCH torque wrenches are up to the task, meeting or exceeding ASME requirements for a wide range of fastener applications.

GEARWRENCH has been an innovator in the manufacture of torque wrenches since early in its history. Our promise is to meet the demanding needs of professional users by supplying high-quality products and expert support. With design innovations on everything from micrometer “click” wrenches to full-featured electronic torque wrenches, we continue to provide an expanding selection of high-performance torque products. This guide covers the full line of GEARWRENCH torque wrenches and related products, including recent additions of proven designs in new product categories.