Ultra-Thin Flex-Head Work Lights

Ultra-Thin Flex-Head Work Lights

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Ultra-Thin Flex-Head Work Lights

Constant Current Feature: - Delivers the Rated Lumens Until the Battery Runs Out

Doesn’t Dim Over Time During Use

500 Lumens High, 250 Lumens Low Setting

150 Lumens High, 75 Lumens Low Setting

Ultra-Thin Flex-Head Directs Light into Hard to Reach Places

Flex-Head 0.8” wide x 0.28” thick

30 Lumen Top Light

Flex-Head Folds Against the Body for Storage and Better Portability

Magnet in Base for Easy Positioning

Hang Hook Integrated in Base

Low Battery Warning: Main Light Flashes When 5 Minutes of Power is Remaining

Memory Function: 5 Seconds After Turning On the Setting Will Be Saved. Next Time the Light is Turned On It Will Be At the Last Setting

Durable Jack Plug Charging Port

Charging Indicator Light (red charging, green charged)

Integrated Belt Hook