PITBULL Pliers Brochure

New GEARWRENCH PITBULL™ pliers are cutting and gripping machines. PITBULL Auto Bite™ pliers feature one-handed automatic gripping action, so they’re perfect for tough work in tight spaces, while PITBULL Tongue and Groove pliers have a K9™ jaw that bites hard to grip strong, even when attacking at an angle. If superior cutting’s your thing, PITBULL cutting pliers deliver big time with 35% less force needed to cut and 50% longer blade life. When it comes to unstoppable gripping and cutting performance, nothing beats GEARWRENCH PITBULL pliers.

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Brochure Content
PITBULL AutoBite Pliers True one-handed automatic adjustment and slim design make these pliers perfect for work in cramped, hard-to-reach spaces. Just flip the patented Auto-Bite lever with your thumb and squeeze the handles to fit the jaws securely around any object. Auto-Bite’s aggressive tooth design grips tight for maximum turning power then releases just as easily. Aggressive angled teeth for increased grip Slim profile jaws for 40% greater access More jaw positions for more flexibility, grip comfort and jaw capacity With the Auto-Bite lever engaged, squeeze the handles and the jaw automatically adjust to a strong grip Grip Zone handles for non-marring grip Pinch-stop design prevents handle pinching palm or fingers Ergonomic handles with tether point increase overall comfort and safety* 1 handed operation - push knob - engage lever - squeeze to auto-adjust 2X gripping power self-locking jaws secure grip slim jaws for 40% greater access grip zone handles for non-marring grip tether ready K9 Jaw design for up to 35 degree angled grip PITBULL Tongue and Groove Pliers Tongue and Groove, Long Nose, Universal, Linesman and Diagonal pliers are also available with dipped handles PITBULL Slip Joint Pliers Deep shear-style wire cutter reduces cutting effort Crosshatched jaw tooth design for gripping and pulling Max grip from 4mm to over 32mm PITBULL Long Nose Pliers easy cutting 35% easier longest cut life lasts 50% longer laser-hardened cutting edge for longer life Bolt grip zone for turning nuts and fasteners Nail and wire holder groove on jaws Cross-hatched jaw tooth design for gripping, bending & twisting Laser-hardened cutting edges for longer life GEARWENCH Best Cut PITBULL Linesman Pliers Reaming edges for deburring pipes Fish tape channel for flat steel fish tapes PITBULL Universal Pliers Bolt Grip Zone for turning fasteners