GEARWRENCH 90T Ratcheting Wrenches Detail

Hello my name is Jim Stewart Senior Product Manager for GEARWRENCH tools today I'm going to talk to you about our new range of 90 tooth ratcheting wrenches.

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Video Transcript
Video Transcript

hello my name is Jim Stewart senior product manager for GEARWRENCH tools today i'm going to talk to you about our new range of 90 tooth ratcheting wrenches these are a significant performance improvement on the 72 tooth original ratcheting wrenches and come in the most popular sizes in the market combination and also flex head they have five major improvements versus the original product which means that we're delivering a product to the end user that is better for them and allows them to complete their job more quickly the combination wrenches come in 36 different sizes we have 6mm through 25mm and we have 1/4 inch through one and 1-1/4 inch in flex head we have 1/4 inch up to 1 inch and in metrics we go from 8mm up to 25mm the key thing about these products it has a 90 tooth gear which has a four degree swing arc which means you get much better access in tight spaces the wrenches are also longer than the original 72 tooth ratcheting wrenches which gives you more leverage and gives you more reach as well and in addition to that the ratcheting wrench beam is thicker which means it is more comfortable when you're putting a lot of force on it the open end also has the dual direction of corner loading feature that means that you're less likely to round fasteners and the size markings are colored for better visibility molded orange for metric and black for sae these products come in new drop-in trays which make it much easier to pick up the wrench and put it back into the tray when you're working they're solvent resistant they're very compact so they will fit into your tool drawer and not take up much space with 65 new SKUs in flex head and combination from 6mm to 25mm 1/4" to 1-1/4" the new 90 teeth ratcheting wrenches from GEARWRENCH with a four degree swing arc with a longer beam a more comfortable ergonomic beam dual direction off corner loading easily visible size markings give the professional user the performance and the access they need to get it done