GEARWRENCH GSX Tool Storage Products Detail

Hi Chris Coll, GEARWRENCH Product Manager here to talk about the GEARWRENCH GSX Tool Storage Line.

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Video Transcript
Video Transcript

Hi Chris Coll, GEARWRENCH Product Manager here to talk about the GEARWRENCH GSX Tool Storage Line.

With all of the GSX Tool Storage items.

One of the first things you'll notice is on the exterior of all of them

Is the textured coated powder finish on the outside of the boxes.

This does a couple of things, protecting against harsh environmental conditions.

against rust & corrosion. So it will help the tool storage items last a long time for the chest and cabinets.

Another feature on here that you'll notice right away that is on all of the chest items.

Is a handle located on the lid portion.

So this allows the opening of the lid to be very easy.

So you don't have to worry about getting your fingers jammed or anything like that.

Another thing that you'll notice right away when you open up the lid.

Are the gas lift struts inside of the lid itself.

So what this does, is it supports easy opening and closing of the box.

So it won't slam down when you are closing it or jump open very fast that way it won't cause damage to anything side or anybody around you.

Another thing that you notice right by the lid portion on the chest is the tubular barrel lock and key.

This helps protect all of the items inside your box

and that way you can lock it when you go away.

and it secures everything with it.

So with that you can see that everything is locked up.

one of the nice things inside of the 41" and 36" tool chest.

Is the integrated power strip that we have inside.

In this strip it includes 4 standard outlets and also 2 USB ports.

So nice to have your phone charging, any of your cordless tools or lights

and on the strip as well there is an on/off switch so if you don't have anything plugged in you can turn it off throughout the day.

Another great feature are the aluminum drawer pulls on each drawer

This allows the opening to be very easy on each drawer

And another great thing with these are the trigger locks that are on here as well.

You can see those moving there.

So with that it will keep the drawers from opening up unless you pull the handle itself.

Each drawer has a weight capacity of 100lbs to allow you to fit more

of your items inside the box.

And in addition, there are two ball-bearing slides on each drawer

that allows easy opening and closing.

each cabinet includes a coated side arc handle

this will hold up against rust and corrosion even in harsh environments.

and also allows for easy pushing and pulling of the cabinets.

each cabinet comes with 4 heavy-duty industrial casters

these have a weighted load rating of 450lbs each

two of the casters are fixed and two are swivel and locking as well.

The GEARWRENCH GSX Tool Storage line is available

in a chest and cabinet in 26", 36", 41"

and also a 7-drawer 35" cart