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Video Transcript
Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chris Coll Product Manager with GEARWRENCH tools here to share a new product line that combines design and function for Ultimate Tool Kit Organization GEARWRENCH Modular Toolsets.

These toolsets consist of multi-piece assortments of quality GEARWRENCH tools, each organized in a premium industrial grade EVA foam tray.

The chemical and solvent resistant trays are designed and modular sizes to work perfectly, with GEARWRENCH GSX cabinets and chests right down to their distinctive black and orange colors.

Additionally, their high visibility white size markings allow for quick tool identification.

This modular design allows users to customize and build their own tool, kit, and storage solution.

There are 10 different modular toolsets, each with components selected to provide a complete range of tools for any job, including BoltBiter™ 90T™ ratchets and ratcheting wrenches.

Each tool nests in its own cutout to provide protection and keep tools organized and easily accessible.

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