GEARWRENCH 90T Compact Ratchets -1/4" Drive profile; a 3/8" Drive tang...Take their word, not ours

Our partners test out the 90T Compact Head Ratchets and give us their honest feedback and thoughts on these 3/8" Drive Ratchets with 1/4" Drive Ratchet bodies.

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Video Transcript
Video Transcript or - Compact head design is 20% narrower than standard 3/8" drive ratchets for access

See what @HotRodHippie @How to Automotive @RAD Industries @TonyTheTechnician @Arrow McLaren SP and @AutobahnDan have to say about the NEW 90T Compact Head Ratchets.

so i just opened up this box for the folks at GEARWRENCH tools now i knew this was coming they told me they were sending over some of the new compact head ratchets but i opened the box i thought they sent me the wrong thing why you may ask i looked at it and said that head is so small let's cut this out of here and i'm going to show you what i mean so here are the ratchets let me show you a comparison here first of all i think i'm already in love with this compact little thing for getting into tighter areas but here's a snap-on quarter inch ratchet there's that new GEARWRENCH 3/8" drive now sure if a 3/8" is larger but when you're talking about the fact that that's a 1/4" and that's 3/8" that is not that big of a difference also as far as head depth is concerned there's not that big of a difference there either so the 3/8" is going to fit into tighter locations i am always looking for ratchets to fit into tighter spots and these are 90 tooth ratcheting mechanisms so they're going to have a tighter swing arc too these are one of those items that when i saw the release flyer about these i was like yes so what it's compact ratchet but now that i have it in my hand i'm going to use the hell out of this

so what i'm using here is a new compact 3/8" drive palm ratchet here it's perfect for getting in here is strong enough to pry a decent amount of torque on it and get to these fasteners underneath this little lip here and as you can see this is the perfect ratchet for this particular job

here something i'm excited about on this set is they've kind of tricked us here so it looks like it's 1/4" drive when you first glance at it but both of these are 3/8" drive so they have a compact head design i use these stubby ones all the time another tight space i'm working in that pretty much only fits with this 90t low profile ratchet

but it does it with ease

these things come in handy all the time

sometimes tools like this can prevent you from having to remove other components in order to get a job done having a slim head design and being able to get a 3/8" drive socket in there it is very handy

hi my name is Keith Beck i'm a gearbox technician here at Arrow McLaren SP now GEARWRENCH has brought out a nice compact ratchet but it's got a 3/8" drive which is just for us is perfect for the optimum size of a 3/8" stud but it has a torque value of a 3/8" obviously where it can we can lean on it unlike a 1/4" drive the nice thing also is they got 90 teeth on the actual ratchet mechanism now the 90, 90 Tooth ratchet in there basically allows us just to move in a little increment and it will reset which is a good advantage to have

that 90 tooth action on there

definitely be a nice little compact unit to have here but we're looking at 1/4" size with the 3/8" head all right pretty much about the same there and yeah pretty cool addition to the 90 tooth line