GEARWRENCH Launches Shop Equipment Products

Expanding our shop equipment line with floor jacks, jack stands, bottle jacks, & bench vises.

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SPARKS, M.D. – GEARWRENCH is rapidly expanding their shop equipment product offering, announcing the launch of two new Floor Jacks and four new Jack Stands available now for the professional Automotive Mechanic. In addition, three models of Bench Vises and three Bottle Jack products are launching at the beginning of 2024.


“The voice of the customer is at the center of all that we do at GEARWRENCH. While conducting research with professional technicians, we heard three consistent pain points: shop equipment needs to be safe with testing and standards to back it up, needs to be user friendly and operate efficiently, and needs to withstand the harsh environment of the shop,” Kevin Kelly, Product Manager, said. “GEARWRENCH Shop Equipment not only hits all three of those pain points, but they offer innovation in maximizing productivity and increasing safety. All GEARWRENCH lifting products meet ASME PASE 2019 standard to ensure the highest product quality and performance.”



Featuring a heavy-duty all steel construction, the GEARWRENCH Floor Jacks maximize the efficiency of automotive technicians and are designed for the abuse of any garage. Available in both a 3 Ton Heavy Duty and 3.5 Ton Low Profile model, both Floor Jacks feature a dual piston quick pump design and protected handle with foam bumper and end cap to prevent damage to vehicles. These Floor Jacks also have a protective rubber saddle to provide grip and prevent damage to vehicle frames.


The GEARWRENCH Jack Stands will be available in 2 Ton, 3 Ton, 6 Ton and 12 Ton capacities and are built with a heavy-duty all steel construction. The Jack Stands have an adjustable ratcheting bar that locks in place with a double lock pin, which helps to prevent accidental height adjustments during use. All four products have a wide saddle to provide extra grip and larger surface area contact with vehicles and have high strength welded feet to displace the load over larger surfaces and provide stability.


The Bottle Jacks offer a large, high grip saddle that boasts a 40% larger diameter, grooved design, and textured grip coating to provide extra bite and stability while lifting vehicles. These are designed for mobile automotive techs and have built-in handle storage to prevent the handles from getting lost or misplaced during storage or travel. The handles have a knurled design that provides grip in all conditions as well as a lock pin that holds and locks the handle ends together for easier operation. Lastly, the large, textured base offers strength and stability.


Shifting gears to the workbench, GEARWRENCH is now offering three Bench Vise models increasing in jaw width and opening with 4”, 6” and 8” products. These feature a high leverage spindle, a fully enclosed slide bar that keeps interior components sealed and lubricated, a 360° swivel base with two lockdown clamps and a large, heavy-duty anvil. The heat-treated flat jaws are serrated and hardened for excellent grip and clamp force and also feature pipe jaws for working on round work pieces. All bench vises are built with 30,000 PSI cast iron for high strength and durability.


Each of the new GEARWRENCH Shop Equipment Lifting products are designed and tested to meet ASME PASE 2019 Standard. The standard applies to the design, construction, marking, operation, maintenance, end user instructions, and operation for portable automotive service equipment. 


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