How to remove rusted lugnuts - GEARWRENCH 1/2"Drive Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets

Remove rusted and rounded lugnuts - Hi I'm Jarrett Wolf GEARWRENCH product manager and today I want to talk to you about the expansion of the Bolt Biter.

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Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Jarrett Wolf GEARWRENCH product manager and today i want to talk to you about the expansion of the Bolt Biter extraction line last year we introduced the GEARWRENCH Bolt Biter extraction sockets these sockets were designed to remove any rounded rusted or corroded fastener from a 1/4" to 3/4" or 7mm to 19mm after that initial launch our users reached out to us and said we need larger size Bolt Biter sockets to remove things such as rounded lug nuts well we heard you and i'm proud to introduce to you today the Bolt Biter deep extraction socket set these sockets have been designed to remove large rounded rusted and corroded fasteners best part about them is they're impact ready they offer 10 times longer impact life than our competition and offer 5 times greater torque output by our competition why is that important well the design inside allows for the torque to be spread equally across all the contact points across the head of that fastener no longer shearing that off these sockets feature the same patented tapered design as the original bulb biter that design also enables bi-directional use what does that mean well not only can you take that damage fastener out but if you're in a jam or an emergency situation you can put that fastener right back in these sockets also feature the GEARWRENCH lifetime warranty and are available in our minus sizes which have been designed to take out extremely rounded rusted and corroded fasteners the bolt biter deep extraction sockets are available in two sets a five piece set which offers all the standard sizes from 3/4" to an inch 19mm to 25mm and the 10 piece set like we have here today that goes from 3/4" to an inch 19mm to 25mm and includes all standard and minus sizes now i'd like to demonstrate these new sockets to you and the importance of that minus socket here we have two fasteners both started out their life is 19mm they're both quite rounded quite worn quite weathered you try with your traditional socket and you see it spins freely no grip at all this is where you would need an extraction socket so you come over to your 10 piece set and you grab your 19 | 3/4" socket with the bolt biter you're able to easily seat that socket right onto that damaged fastener no longer needing to pound it on with a mallet and you have a tight grip to make it even better not only does it seat easily but it disengages just as easily now here we have a very interesting case started out like i said as a 19mm you put yourBolt Biter standard socket onto there and you see it slips what would you do well that's where that minus size socket now comes into play the minus size socket picks up where the standard size left off now you're able to seat that right onto there and have a nice tight grip in addition we have recently launched two new bolt biter sets these seven piece sets come in metric and sae versions and also come with two impact adapters these impact adapters have been designed to work with cordless power tools to enable you to have the best solution possible to remove rounded rusted and corroded fasteners and now with the original Bolt Biter extraction sockets combined with the deep Bolt Biter extraction sockets we can offer the user the ultimate solution in removing rounded rusted and corroded fasteners from a 1/4" to an inch 7mm to 25mm they'll have a solution to take it out we look forward to getting these new extraction sockets into your hands and receiving your feedback thanks guys for checking these out and good luck out there