GEARWRENCH Bolt Biter™...Take their word, not ours

GEARWRENCH Bolt Biter, multiple reviews from heavy tool users.  Take their word, not ours...

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Video Transcript
Video Transcript


  • Turn any Rusted or Rounded Fasteners with Bolt Biter
  • Patented Tapered Flutes
  • Allows for Easy Seating on Damaged Fasteners
  • Bi-Directional Design
  • Enables Reuse of Damaged-Fasteners
  • 5X Gripping Force
  • Easily Access & Remove Rounded Fasteners

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have to say about the GEARWRENCH Bolt Biters.

I want to show you guys what makes these things so awesome what is cool about the way your it's done this this one is a 19-4 3/4 - that means it is for severely damaged fasteners professionals that are rounded off more so than the original size that they story with which is pretty cool thereby direction that means you can take pensioners off or put fasteners on that is way ahead of a lot of the removal tool that's on the market today lifetime warranty guys need any new optional and unit for law and big guarantee it's officially something that's designed to expect until her demonstration of the Saline we can see we're still gripped that fashion

so it's button so that just shows how well these sockets are designed to work they work you guys seen it that is terrible what that's really buy them and they did an excellent job and remove them got

a lot of people thought because this linear inches test demo block that they sent me that it's not an actual cuz they don't wear it look at that well I can tell you what used it on the truck and I can promise you that this thing grew so come over here and I'm going to show you guys did it creates the things almost completely round as you can see you see I've almost picked it all the way off

like it's not a gimmick these things really good for all you nice there's been thing to get it to work they just break they buy it way around really cool thing about these is a lot of times you'll see fasters that are rounded over a little bit more than others so liking this one here where this 19 will go on this one here on this one it just spins freely so they have a 19 - our 19 negative and it's a little bit of smaller and it goes on there and now we'll buy it on there so this is from gearwrench no again we're not sponsored by them in any way I've never even heard of him and then again they just showed up and I was intrigued that was like let me see how these things work now check this out really cool it literally just grabs hold of that bolt and no issue at all turning that is where I was really really surprised with this I've never had a stock that was able to do that before we're gonna do is we're gonna grind this bad boy down again no trickery on the channel I want to really see if this thing can grab hold of lag that they didn't send that we did ourselves just to show you that you know these are the same sockets in the same ball I'm not going to edit the clip I'm just going to switch it over to the gear wrench socket against 3/4 and see if it grabs

whoa that is freaking awesome it's pretty amazing it's not very often that you find a bolt extractor kid that has a lifetime warranty no need anymore to hammer your socket onto the fastener it is these things have lifetime but one of them rounded out on me here I got a standard 14 millimeter socket and a ratchet I'm gonna show you how that the fasteners rounded sucka got it on there and I started applying pressure and as you can see it slipped and stripped on I'm able to just slide it on to the onto the bolt here or the nut and I'm just using a three inch drive ratchet you could use a wrench also or use pliers it has multiple ways to attach the tool to the socket and now I'm applying pressure here and as you can see it's clearly gripping onto the fastener and now practic free now rotating it out another cool feature about these sockets are they're designed to work with impact tools such as impact guns and ratchets and to remove the fastener all you do is switch directions of your ratchet and give it a light little twist in the opposite direction and it'll pop right back off but a pretty good amount of force on that it's not slipping at all

and right there you see how easy that come off it's actually pretty impressive I've never seen an extraction socket like this before this one's pretty mangled up at this point could be screwed on outfit so much and it still grabs honestly at first I was kind of I kind of had my doubts about them but after putting it on this little how are they happier I really think they will work really well great range today no way you can see we are testing him right now they were great all those words coming out but Emma came out from there