Grip any rusted or rounded fastener with Bolt Biter.

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Video Transcript
Video Transcript
  • Turn any Rusted or Rounded Fasteners with Bolt Biter
  • Patented Tapered Flutes
  • Allows for Easy Seating on Damaged Fasteners
  • Bi-Directional Design
  • Enables Reuse of Damaged-Fasteners
  • 5X Gripping Force
  • Easily Access & Remove Rounded Fasteners

Grip any rusted or rounded fastener with Bolt Biter

Bolt Biter is the revolutionary new extraction socket system from GEARWRENCH. We talked with auto mechanics and industrial techs to learn what they hated about existing extraction sockets. Bolt Biter redefines extraction and solves all of their frustrations – here’s how.

GEARWRENCH presents Bolt Biter the

toughest extraction socket ever. Bolt

Biter uses an innovative design of

tapered flutes to grip any fastener no

matter how damaged. This revolutionary

gripping design disengages from the

fastener just as easily as it seats into

place. Which means no more fighting to

remove the socket and no more jamming

your socket with a ruined fastener. Bolt

Biter even works in both directions, so

you can tighten and reuse specialty

fasteners in a pinch.

Nothing can stop Bolt Biter's grip.

Grab the most damaged fasteners with our

minus size sockets designed to hug fasteners

worn down below their original size.

Traditional extraction sockets dull

over time. Bolt Biter lasts ten times

longer than the competition under impact

power and carries our lifetime warranty.

Forge Ahead with Bolt Biter!