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Hi i'm Jarrett with GEARWRENCH i'm here with Rad Dan i wanted to show him off the uh the GEARWRENCH Bolt Biter system so we have a bunch of rounded fasteners here traditionally you try to use your regular socket on it it slips you're in a jam what would you do you go for a regular extraction socket you can get your hammer and your mallet out and pound it on there we said there's got to be a way easier way why couldn't you just have a socket and sit it right on there and get a tough fight

i got to try that

it's just gripped right up no pounding no fighting with it and then what's even better if you're in a jam not only can you take that damaged fastener out but you can put it right back in it's bi-directional the only bi-directional extraction socket out there and it's all about that tapered design in there so it hugs it rather than cutting into it so you're not damaging the fastener or the socket even though maybe the fastener we wouldn't care about as much but yeah you can still get it off easily that's exactly right what's even cooler so you got this situation here these both started out as a half inch come over here put it on no problem grabs right on and come over this one's even weathered more it slips what would you do well that's where we came up with the minus size picks up where the other socket left off now you put it on here and you got a solution to take it out no way so no matter from a 1/4" to 3/4" 7mm to 19mm we can take it out even if it's a complete circle it's just a fraction less that's right just a fraction left to give you that grip to spread that torque equally and get it out of there so i i have a story about these i did get to use these already great it wasn't on a rounded off bolt head though it was on a car that the customer forgot their key to their their lug and so we put it over the key which didn't really have anywhere to grip it was almost just like a circle cylinder yeah and it just took it right off and it didn't damage it that's the best part it was crazy