GEARWRENCH Bolt Biter Nut Drivers

GEARWRENCH Bolt Biter Nut Drivers for extracting stubborn, rusted, worn fasteners

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Video Transcript
Video Transcript

Hi i'm Rachel Cook product manager for GEARWRENCH tools i'm here today to talk to you about the GEARWRENCH Bolt Biter nut drivers the nut drivers incorporate breakthrough Bolt Biter technology combined with power tool compatibility the Bolt Biter nut drivers are designed to work bi-directionally making them easily suited for extraction and fastening requirements this means you can reuse specialty fasteners in a pinch offering efficiency and allowing you to get your jobs done quicker the minus size sockets offer an easy seat on damaged fasteners this means you can find the perfect fit for extremely rounded and rusted bolts a better fit means you don't need additional force to seat or remove the nut driver from the fastener the tapered entry design grips instead of cuts and delivers five times greater gripping force all Bolt Biter nut drivers are compatible with a 1/4" impact driver the torsion zone is forged to increase impact life by 50 times in high torque situation and chrome molybdenum and a black oxide finish combined for exceptional strength and corrosion resistance the Bolt Biter nut drivers are available in 16 sizes and are offered in an 8 and 16 piece set the 16 piece set is packaged in our gear case a compact storage solution with adjustable removable rails for convenient customized organization to learn more visit