Bolt Biter™ Fastener Extraction Tools

Whatever stuck bolt or screw you’re facing, there’s a reliable Bolt Biter tool designed to extract it and get you back to work fast. Original Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets and Lug Nut Extraction Sockets grip and turn any damaged fastener; Bolt Biter Impact Screwdrivers concentrate torque to loosen damaged screws; impact-ready Bolt Biter Nut Extractor/Drivers deliver 50x longer life with Torsion Zone, and Bolt Biter Screw Extractors include patented tapered sides and tip cutting edges. The newest edition to the Bolt Biter family, the Bolt Biter Wrench Inserts, create up to 70% greater access than traditional extraction solutions and easily seat into traditional wrenches and provide bi-directional design. With the Bolt Biter line of extraction tools, you stay on task and on time, every time.

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Bolt Biter Wrench Inserts

The GEARWRENCH Bolt Biter™ Wrench Inserts are designed with innovative features to grip rounded out, frozen, and damaged fasteners. The revolutionary Bolt Biter™ gripping design is bi-directional, seats quickly and safely on fasteners, and removes easily from fasteners after use. Bolt Biter™ Wrench Inserts offer the slimmest solution to remove a damaged fastener in a tight and confined space.

Innovative Tapered Entry Easily seats on a damaged fastener

Bi-Direction Design Enables tightening or loosening of damaged fasteners

Dual Sized Inserts Designed to work with both SAE and Metric fasteners

Compact Design Provides up to 70% greater access vs. traditional extraction solutions

High-Vis Markings Provide quick identification

Hex Base Compatible with 6 Point, 12 Point, and Spline Wrenches

Bolt Biter Impact Screwdrivers

These new Bolt Biter impact screwdrivers offer the convenience of a standard screwdriver with the extraction abilities of a dedicated impact driver, loosening rusted, stripped, or other difficult-to-remove screws. Their high-performance steel handle end cap transfers impact shock to an internal mechanism that rotates the heat-treated alloy steel shaft 12 degrees when struck. High-strength tips are rust-resistant nickel chrome plated.

High-performance steel end cap designed for striking impact to drive 12-degree rotation

Ergonomic tri-lobe dual material handle provides the optimal balance of strength and efficiency

“Speed Zone” handle design for faster rotation in low-torque applications

Oil and solvent resistant handle provides a longer tool life

Removes damaged and rounded screws

Rotates 12 degrees to free frozen screws

Spring-loaded handle to impact fasteners

Oil and Solvent Resistant Handle

Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets

Bolt Biter extraction sockets grip instead of cutting into fasteners, so they last ten times longer than traditional extraction sockets when used with an impact gun. Because they grip instead of cut, they don’t damage the fastener and it won’t get jammed in the socket, so they’re perfect for specialized components. They can both loosen and tighten and even have “minus-sizes” designed for severely worn fasteners. Built as strong as standard GEARWRENCH impact sockets, they come with a lifetime warranty

Dual sized sockets work with both SAE and metric fasteners

The hexagonal base for use with impact guns, ratchets, wrenches, or pliers

Square drive shaft (1/4, 3/8” and 1/2”)

Innovative tapered flutes for easy seating onto a damaged fastener

High-visibility laser-etched markings for quick size identification

The bi-directional design removes or tightens damaged fasteners

Durable chrome-molybdenum body

Corrosion-resistant black oxide finish

Minus-sized sockets designed to fit extremely worn-down fasteners

Removed fasteners don’t jam in the socket

Removes Rusted and Rounded Fasteners

Works with Hand and Power Tools

Enables reuse of damaged fasteners

10 times long impact life

up to 5 times greater gripping force

Bolt Biter Screw Extractors

A screw extraction product with superior performance and durability, Bolt Biter Screw Extractors are the best solution for removing frozen screws, sheared bolts, and stuck fasteners. Bolt Biter Screw Extractors are designed with tapered side and tip cutting edges that work together to grip and turn the most stubborn fasteners. High strength steel construction delivers up to 50 times longer life compared to competitive extractors, and bi-directional capability allows for reuse of specialty fasteners in a pinch. Bolt Biter Screw Extractors work with both hand and power tools, giving you total control over every extraction situation. Built with strength and durability in mind, we guarantee these screw extractors will work on your toughest extraction requirements.

Dual Tapered Cutting Edges For powerful and consistent extraction

Power Tool Compatibility Hex base design is compatible with hand and power tools

Easy-To-Read Laser Markings High-visibility laser markings for easy size identification

High Strength Steel Construction Provides up to 50 times longer life

Bi-Directional Design Loosens or tightens damaged fasteners

Bolt Biter Impact Nut Extractor & Driver 

The GEARWRENCH Bolt Biter Nut Drivers are designed with innovative features to grip rounded out, frozen, and damaged fasteners. The revolutionary Bolt Biter gripping design is bi-directional, seats quickly and safely on fasteners, and removes easily from fasteners after use. Bolt Biter Nut Drivers offer an impact ready option that delivers extreme durability. Bolt Biter technology redefines extraction by gripping rounded fasteners rather than cutting into them, which means these nut drivers last 50x longer than competition.

Easy-To-Read Laser Markings High-visibility laser markings for easy size identification

Black Oxide Coating Provides superior corrosion resistance

Chrome Molybdenum (CR-MO) Alloy Steel For exceptional strength and long lasting durability

Torsion Zone Provides 50X life in high torque impact applications

Bi-Directional Design For removing or tightening damaged fasteners

Tapered Entry Enables socket to easily seat on a damaged fastener

Dual Sized Sockets Designed to work with both SAE and Metric fasteners

Bolt Biter Modular Sets in EVA Foam Tray

Modular Tool Sets consist of multi-piece assortments of quality GEARWRENCH tools, each organized in a sturdy EVA foam tray. The chemical and solvent resistant trays are designed in multiple modular sizes to fit perfectly with a range of tool storage systems. This modular design allows users to customize their own toolkit and storage system. Sets feature components selected to provide a complete range of specific tools, each nested in a custom cutout that protects while keeping tools organized and accessible. Trays are orange and black with high visibility size markings for quick tool identification.

Premium Solvent Resistant EVA foam trays built to last and handle almost any working setting, while providing long lasting protection to the set’s contents

High Visibility Size Markings EVA foam trays have GEARWRENCH orange cutouts with black tops that feature high visibility white size markings for quick tool identification

Precut Nested Tool Storage Each tool nests in a laser-formed cutout that provides protection and keeps tools organized and easily accessible