How to use the GEARWRENCH ESpec Torque Wrench

Introducing E-Spec, a connected electronic torque wrench designed specifically for production environments where a high level of precision is required.

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Video Transcript
Video Transcript

I'm Michael Mazzoli torque specialist for

GEARWRENCH and today I'm going to introduce to you

our new ESpec electronic torque wrench with angle

the ESpec is available in 8 SKUs ranging in

size from a quarter inch to half an inch drives as well

as in a fixed head and interchangeable head option

this wrench can be used as one, a simple torque

wrench two, a torque wrench with angle and three,

a production torque wrench with mandatory

parameters for advancement in an assembly

setting the ESpec can store up to 6,000

cycles of data which can be downloaded into

excel and save for indefinite record keeping the

wrench itself boasts our industry-leading 120XP

ratchet head for three degrees of swing arc access

plus or minus 1.5 percent accuracy a simple two

button interface as well as a 360 degree torque

indication and an option of a removable handle

when you open our unique case you'll see the

accessory package each ESpec torque wrench comes

with two lithium-ion rechargeable batteries

a AAA cartridge data cable USB flash drive

charging station and screwdriver in addition

all GEARWRENCH torque wrenches come with a

certificate of calibration as well as detailed

instructions for a second set of instructions

or for more information about our ESpec

torque wrench please visit