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Remote Control Starter Switch

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Remote Control Starter Switch
  • 6 and 12 Volt Use Only
  • Wire Rated Capacity 8 Amp
  • Switch is Made of Heavy-Duty Construction and Has 32"-Long Leads
  • To Use, Connect From the Positive Battery Terminal to the Energizing Terminal of Solenoid
  • Use the Switch for GE Generator, Starter, Electrical, Fuel Pump and Compression Tests and for Setting Ignition Points and Adjusting Tappets
  • Use to Bypass the Ignition Switch on Any Engine With a Solenoid Starter Switch
  • Switch Lets You Crank the Engine While Working in the Engine Compartment
  • Caution: Care Should Be Taken to Keep Away From Hot or Rotating Components
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UPC 082171001246
Foreign Trade Code 8536504000
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